Power Polish Naturally to Present Yourself Confident in Corporate & Life

Power Polish Naturally to Present Yourself Confident in Corporate & Life

I am a personal and corporate Image Consultant based in Umhlanga, Durban.

During the course of owning my own business, working and consulting in several industries, one thing I have learnt is that you and I are the message in business and life and others read us. Have you ever wondered how we are read and what is the fine print in the presentation of ourselves to the world ? If every little detail matters, can we possibly change the script to keep people interested in and buying into what you and I have to offer ?

I have two wonderful staff members in my Hello Hunny Beauty Studio business who are passionate about make-up and have great talent in making our clients look beautiful for functions and weddings. When Aldytha Da Silver from Make-upyourmind recently mentioned she was hosting a Pro Make-up Artist Masterclass course, I thought it was time to up-skill my ladies with the latest techniques and products with the Pro herself, setting them up for success in how they present themselves and the business. I then decided it was a fun idea for me to join the class, little did I realise the impact it would have on me!

Every minute was fascinating and I gained a new respect and perspective on the matter of make-up ! I witnessed the transformation on several models with varying ages and needs. One 60+ years mature model named Lettie left a huge impact on me. Lettie is still very active in her career as an Estate Agent and her transformation changed my perception and mind about make-up forever. She told us how she had recently developed Vitiligo, a skin disorder caused by a lack of melanin which is the pigment of the skin and could she not wait to see the end result and hopefully find herself presentable to others again.

Lettie was sharing how uncomfortable her clients and friends were around her since the change in her skin and their reaction to her skin disorder was evident. I really felt her heart and wondered if this had had any impact on her income. I was mesmerised as she was being transformed by Aldytha. Her make up done and her reaction when she looked in the mirror was evident that she loved what she was seeing ! This was a moment I will always remember, my head and heart shifted. The delight joy and smile left me knowing once again that there is absolutely no doubt a place and benefit for make-up and a little enhancement is needed by everyone! Her before and after photographs speak for themselves, oh her beautiful smile !

We as woman we long to be known as beautiful and that we are special, so we need to learn what is special about us, how to capitalise on our assets and play down any liabilities, most woman don’t have the perfect bodies or face, so we need to know how to deal with the challenges of needing to look our best, regardless of size or shape. When we feel beautiful, we feel confident and secure, believing in ourselves and the wonderful gift and abilities we have. If you have asked yourself as I have, if it is okay to pursue physical beauty, I believe that God has wired us to long for beauty and not to pursue pain when we are critical with ourselves, and that spike over into being critical about others. I would love you to open your mind to do what we can do, just where we are and with what we have.

Our faces are the first thing others see, so let us take some time to understand why and how we should polish up our makeup. There are always several other areas to polish up, from the right accessories such as clothing, jewellery, watches, belts, shoes, handbags, scarves and shawls, but we can discuss that on another blog. I will be sharing some interesting facts and tips on presenting ourselves using a little help with make-up.

Studies state that woman who wear make-up wo work not only stand a good change of getting ahead of female colleagues who don’t, but also tend to earn more money and be promoted faster!  Some research to see whether a woman’s make-up, hair style and grooming had influence on employers. CV’s and photographs were sent out to top personal officers, some wearing make up and some without.  Those with makeup were offered jobs and salaries up to 20 percent higher!

So often I resent that we are judged unfairly on our looks,  and not on experience and abilities, but we have to accept that image is a key factor in your career progression, and make up just happens to be an additional factor for woman.  There is some good news though, if you hate wearing make-up, it is really that you should look as if you are wearing very little, I recently came across a study highlighting that woman who wear too much make-up, garish colours and heavy techniques are considered to have a poorer image than a woman without. 

As I was doing the course it crossed my mind that as I had learnt how to apply make-up in my early twenties, did my blue eye-shadow date me? even though the techniques are generally still applied. Would wearing a good foundation have helped to reduce my sun spots and pigmentation? Am I unwittingly adding years to my age simply because I haven’t learnt how to apply make up using up-to-date colours and techniques? I realised I would need to listen carefully, learn and ask for assistance.

I have seen  that a woman who looks fresh, natural and polished in a subtle make-up that compliments her wins every time, and I then knew why I wondered why it felt daunting to ask the beauty assistant at the cosmetic counter at Woolworths, they always seem to look too perfect, almost unreal, and probably spent now less that 1 hour making themselves up, have 10 to 15 products on their faces and need a lot of hard work in the evenings to get it off!  By, the way, this is not what I mean by Power Polish!!

Anyone can paint you up to make you look wonderful, but the art to teach you how to do it yourself and make up your own face is the answer, a perfect polish for business requires a simple method and show basic techniques that take no longer than 10 minutes each morning, which includes one or two steps to diminish any flaws.

Firstly, and most importantly, is to know your face shape and features and to find out what tips would work to bring balance and enhance, and then to know how blemishes and flaws can be diminished when selected shades matched your own natural tone, eye and hair colour. Once these are mastered, you will looking healthy, well-groomed and feeling great, I share some finer details and tips to consider when applying your make up.

Worrying less about co-ordinating your eye shadow with your outfits and concentrating on look natural with a few well-chosen colours will work well with most of your wardrobe. A clear, healthy complexion, not one artificially coloured to look darker, lighter, pinker or peachier than you are is essential. Regardless of your age or the quality of your natural complexion, you can radiate health and vitality simply by choosing the right foundation and a small amount of concealer, if necessary, then setting it with a translucent powder and lightly applying a dash of natural blush colour. 

Always draw attention to your eyes, the windows of your soul. The understanding of colour is vital when working on the eye.  Highlighting, contouring and defining are words used to describe the techniques used to shade the eye.  A combination of light and dark shades is used as well as a combination of creamy, metallic, shimmer or matt powder shadows in order to create a variety of looks. Adytha’s pro tip is that Matte is good for mature eyes, used also to contour the eye.  Liquid shadow blended with fingers achieves a natural look whereas creamy eyeshadow enhances the eye, looks soft, natural and skin like.  The eyebrows frame the entire face shape and should be enhanced in a way that bring balance to the make-up look.  Pay special attention to the colour used to fill in the brow, to hard edges which appear strong and overly harsh and to severe brow angles. A natural rich arch is preferred and is most flattering.  Use a pencil to feather in gaps and scars, then softly buff over the brow with an angled brush and eyeshadow to create a soft natural finish.  Set with brow setting gel to keep those brows on point.

Most of us have strong feelings about the lipstick colours we prefer.  Your mouth should project confidence and vigour and should be touched up with a lipstick throughout the day. If unaccustomed to wearing lipstick regularly, start with a more natural tone that compliments the colours of your palette. If you colouring is essential warm, a salmon, terracotta or warm pink will work with most things, if you have a cool colouring try a wine, deep rose or soft mauve.  Very light, pale or pearlized / frosted lipstick are not business-like.  Go for colours that are medium in depth, not to dark, and matt in finish.  Tips from the pro regarding big lips, small lips, downturned lips and thin lips are really good to know.

If you are still feeling unsure and over-whelmed, pop into Hello Hunny to chat to me or even giving me a call will the most wonderful gift you can give yourself, a friend or colleague. We can assess all your image needs over a 15 minute FREE consultation, I will love to guide you with a personal plan.   We have an amazing range of Kryolan products available in store to set you up immediately on your journey, achieving more in business and life as you use it enhance, it really is a tool vital to communication and for you to feel your beautiful self, look in the mirror and love what you see, inside and out!  Blessings always.

For further information, inspiration and tips you may contact me on 0824523062 or follow me on Instagram @mariana_herselman_imageinc or @hellohunnybeautystudio .

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